What is Tokemon

Configurable insights, and automated trading platform

Tokemon is a configurable trading insight bot which allows the user to choose various metrics, regarding select ERC20 tokens, for which they will get notifications about.

The insights derived from the specified metrics are delivered right to your telegram inbox—users can even specify the delivery interval! Just sit back and get notified when a token was created, it's price moves up or down meaningfully, or a token reached a price level you preset. You can even receive notifications when a wallet you're following makes an action!

Tokemon can also be set to follow your favorite telegram channels, or famous twitter handles, and notify you when specified information is out there.

With Tokemon, you can sleep and trade—just preset buy/sell orders, or activate trailing sell/buy on your volatile tokens. Actually, you can set a trade based on signals for any of the notifications and metrics Tokemon calculates. Imagine, you can buy a token in a second after it's shilled in a Telegram channel. Also, users can use our composite bots to ape safely : to sell or buy in batches, at predefined price. Lastly, and we hope not least, control everything Tokemon related through telegram—imagine saying to your bot on Telegram - "hey buy me some tokens please" & it being executed without ever opening Uniswap yourself.


Choose your plan

Choose one of our flexible plans according to your needs.

Obtain tokens

Through presale or Uniswap pool.

Create your configs

Create your custom insight and trading configurations.

Make profit

Let the platform work and make financial gains for you.

Our Features

Detailed trading insights in real time

Insights such as price increase above certain threshold, price decrease below certain threshold, target value threshold from both directions. All of the thresholds are configurable, as well as minimum liquidity a pool holds, or if the token has verified contract. The insights are sent in real time to your telegram inbox.

Token stats

We have a Dashboard providing different trading token statistics such as token price fluctuations, liquidity fluctuations, top trading tokens, top tokens by value increase/decrease and much more. Get instant access links to charts, exchanges, wallet info and much more. Custom dashboards for the tokens on your following list are included too!

Configurable metrics

You're able to configure the metrics from which the insights are derived from on a granular level. This allows you to track what is meaningful to you with great precision. You're also able to select specific metrics for specific tokens. This helps derive even more value from the data, since not all of the tokens are the same.

Customized telegram notifications

Get telegram notifications for your insights, specific to the tokens you've configured. You can enable the time-tracking interval for each token (e.g. 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, ...) and get notified only for that time interval.

Follow info from many sources

We know that you read hundreds of Telegram channels and Twitter handles, trying to feeed fresh info. We'll follow that for you and notify you only for what's important - you set the filters, we'll send the news.

You sleep we trade

Tired of being dumped on, or missing a dip? Just set buy/sell orders and rest, Tokemon will do the job for you. You can also ride the volatility wave with trailing stop and trading buy algorithms.

Advanced trading

Use the composite bots to automate complex steps, like buy and immediately set stop loss and trailing stop loss, or continuosly sell a percent of your token stack at preset price point.

Fast and furious

Act immediately on a tokemon notification in telegram. Just reply to the message with the wanted action - for example reply with "safe ape 2 eth". You don't like how a token decreased by looking at a notification, reply with "sell all" and you're done.

Ethereum Mempool

We are watching at the mempool too, and enable signals from there to be the starting point for some bot actions.

Our pricing plans

We provide flexible pricing plans
with no hidden costs.


Customize your notifications

1 Tokemon token

  • Set time-tracking interval
  • Set global up/down price percent
  • Customize time and percent per token


Create alarms & follow wallets

2 Tokemon tokens

  • Everything from previous level
  • Set alarms for given targets
  • Follow address and get notified by actions


Aggregate and filter news from sources

4 Tokemon tokens

  • Everything from previous level
  • Follow Telegram channels and users
  • Follow Twitter handles and tweets
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Use automated trading algorithms

7 Tokemon tokens

  • Everything from previous level
  • Buy/sell orders
  • Trailing stop loss bot
  • Trailing stop buy bot
  • Tie up metrics with trading - IFTTT style
  • Single account - one wallet


Use automated trading algorithms

10 Tokemon tokens

  • Everything from previous level
  • Multiple accounts - unlimited wallets


The Tokemon token is the utility token of the platform. To use the network you need to own certain amount of tokens, depending on your chosen plan. You can buy the Tokemon token in the public presale. After the presale you can trade the token on UNISWAP. The following are the token design metrics:


Total token supply


Tokens for presale


Circulating supply


Months of locked liquidity


Tokens for marketing


Locked dev tokens


ETH per token presale


ETH per token listing


ETH in pool


TOKEMON in pool


ETH limit in presale